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Jackson Browne - Golden Slumbers (Live-Rarities Fan Compilation) Volumes 1-5 {6 CDs}

Here's a real treat for fans of Jackson Browne - the complete Golden Slumbers fan compilation, which is an excellent rarities collection!

This is a great set that brings together many bits & pieces, duets, live performances, radio sessions, one-of-a-kind moments, and miscellaneous rarities from throughout Jackson's career, including many one-off performances from various charity and benefit shows and rare backing vocal stints with others. It also includes a couple full-length live shows. But the main thing that makes this set so great is the superb sound quality of the bulk of the recordings. This is just an excellent sounding collection, with top-notch sound and recording quality across the board. So, here is the complete set.

Thanks to bbchron.

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Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol1_mp3.rar

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol2_mp3.rar

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol3_mp3.rar

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol4-1_mp3.rar

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol4-2_mp3.rar

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol5_mp3.rar

links updated (08/28/16)

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol1_FLAC.rar!it9TlBxY!QyGXA896Nm8oQJgKXOc7d1JrC8ZDMR-Vav6Ks0DNH2U

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol2_FLAC.rar!TxcXADRR!VhFSWAkfxsdolvnePucezOCE44Fvg1RoGdEiii9r6EM

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol3_FLAC.rar!75Flmahb!DeF06FKc_U7av-515iv1-yPAnKpQ0HsRdY4xt4I1yLs

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol4-1_FLAC.rar!a50zmYxS!fnG-6SeSMV1aAWzphBZxNhAda_2ppZYVtle5s-jDW3g

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol4-2_FLAC.rar!K4k1TIQB!LvMwLhtTwvBJDgdIwwylpGFghVq9dCYra8Z7GNhfTRM

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol5_FLAC.rar!rgkX0LDC!2iX0YfQryESePA70t5aBhPJGeKr-mHMwIffFdzvS75A