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Jimi Hendrix's final UK gig RAH 24th February 1969 on DVD

Jimi Hendrix - Room full of Hendrix live in London DVD.

Observant people will have noted the word 'then' in the above image should be 'than'.

When researching Jimi's final British show, I had a very nice surprise. I didn't know the film 'Experience' had been unofficially released.
Well, it had and it's still being made and sold worldwide, sidestepping Janie Hendrix and the money worshiping Hendrix estate and going directly to the people, which I'm sure Jimi would have approved of.
The people selling this aren't making a fortune - it's just US $17 including P&P. from USA. They take payment by paypal, so you should feel confident to buy from them. Free shipping if you don't want the hard case. Artwork will be sent! There's loads of 60' and 70's stuff etc on their web site.