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Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

I was really disappointed with the remixed rereleases of this album and Zappa's 'We're Only In It For The Money'. Both sounded dreadful and nothing like I remember my original vinyl sounding. After much searching, I eventually found acceptable recordings of the original mixes. Then recently, I was given this:

Made from the two original tapes from The Freak Out Sessions which took place in march 1966. Tapes were rediscovered in 2009. Issue, limited to 500 copies, Yellow Snow Records YSR 001.

Here's a 2 LP album that is completely deserving of its now-legendary status. Freak Out! was rock music's first planned double album, the first-ever double-album debut in any genre, perhaps the first-ever concept album, and one of the first albums to feature psychedelic-sounding music.
Scheduled for release one week before Blonde On Blonde, and months before The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators or Revolver, Freak Out! was an incredible cultural and musical statement, and one which permanently established Zappa in both the rock and contemporary music scenes. It's commonly referred to as the album which has a song for everyone; there's straight-ahead (albeit tongue-in-cheek) pop and doo-wop such as "Wowie Zowie" and "Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder," to the hard-rocking intensity of "Hungry Freaks, Daddy," to the immense experimentalism of "Help I'm A Rock" and "The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet." And Zappa's signature style features not only great compositions but alarmingly relevant and complex lyrics, as best exemplified in "Trouble Every Day."

thanks to Ezra Lesser for making this available for download.

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

I probably should have mentioned I didn't add a link to download this. The reason is, I figure there's enough info here for anyone who wants the flac files of this rare vinyl release to be able to find it - if you really want it.
So go look!

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

Here's the new link to the full album on youtube:

And a bit about the mastertapes:

This record features a different track order from the released version of Freak Out! -- instead of starting with the heavy societal critiques of "Hungry Freaks, Daddy," Zappa starts with the pop-based "Wowie Zowie" and slowly builds in weirdness to the avant-garde finale of "Cream Cheese." *

Track Listing:
01) Wowie Zowie -- 2:49
02) You Didn't Try To Call Me -- 3:18
03) Trouble Comin' Every Day -- 5:52
04) No Heart -- 2:33
05) How Could I Be Such A Fool -- 2:14
06) I'm Not Satisfied -- 2:38
07) Motherly Love -- 2:47
08) Brain Police -- 3:23
09) Any Way The Wind Blows -- 2:54
10) Hungry Freaks, Daddy -- 3:31
11) You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here -- 3:38
12) Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder -- 3:46
13) Help, I'm A Rock -- 8:40 [including "It Can't Happen Here"]
14) Cream Cheese -- 12:15

* with the exception of the almost early lennon/mccartney sounding 'any way the wind blows' and the 50's doo-wap sound of 'go cry on somebody else's shoulder'.

Ii's reassuring that this album appears as a 2 LP set in it's vinyl incarnations even though it runs for just under an hour in total, as by putting less data on each side of a disc, the music's fidelity is maximised.

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

If anyone looking at this checked it out on youtube AND understood how brilliant this unreleased original aborted mono re-engineered album is - AND if you tried and can't find it to download with HQ artwork AND if you contribute usefully to this forum, leave a message here and I'll look at helping you get it!
Lurkers, ignorant people and those who just like things "Only 'cos it's free" NEED NOT APPLY.
'You'll be absolutely free, only if you want to be,' - Frank Z.
'... then everything else might be, too' - StevesStuff.

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

Hiya Steve,this is my fave Mothers of Invention album,though i do have a soft spot for Zappas "Hot Rats".I do have a few cds ,but those 2 stick out for me.In fact Zappas Straight record label released some interesting stuff like Jeff Simmons and early Alice Cooper(when Alice cooper was the band).Back to Freak Out",Help Im a Rock" was quite decently covered by west coast pop art experimental band.Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention,an anti psychedelic band playing psychedelic music,and loved to take the piss out of all the freaks and the middle class art school falseness of a lot of it.I like that!!!!!Particularly the psych/underground scene in the UK in the 60s,was mainly art school teenagers and older from middle class and above backgrounds.A lot of the working class mods etc,turned to skinhead in 69.Not meant to be political but Zappa could see all through that in the states,thats why he and his cohorts were so unique at this time!!I'm not saying there wasnt young folk from poorer backgrounds not playing psych music,of course there was,but in London it really was a different world!!The comps psychedelic schlemiels(spelt wrong i know)show a more basic and down to earth bunch of mainly amateur groups playing psych music,i love those comps released on Tenth Planet cd label Wooden Hill run by Dave Wells.Well worth seeking out!!!!I love psych music,in fact it was a bit of an obsession for me for a few years,its the music i love not the so -called bohemian type lifestyle that appeals to me,how many poorer young adults from working class backgrounds could take a year out in india or Morocco back in the 60s early 70s for example?Not many thats for sure!!!!! Sorry i've went on a tangent and totally hijacked your post Steve!!!And went totally off subject,Zappa was clever,he didnt fall for all of that,in fact was Zappa not vehemently against LSD at this time??

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

Hi Stuart and the UKPDF CREW. Yeah! I was a money-poor english ex-pat who used 6 or 7 years of my drop-out period to live in India and a few other special places in the area.
Zappa never ever took any drugs nor alchohol and unlike pseudo heads like ian 'twat' anderson and his band, Zappa didn't put on a phoney act just to jump on the 'hippy' money-spinning music scene. He is one of the few people I have had the pleasure of 'knowing' who is naturally high and never tells a lie. Hmmm ... that phase could be built on to make a good song lyric. I might even write another song if someone doesn't use my idea first!
Frank's brutal frankness* and refusal to self-censor his work make him one of my 'GODS of MUSIC'.
Think about the LP title 'We're Only in it for the Money' and the lyrics of songs like Absolutely Free, Discorporate, Hungry Freaks, Daddy etc etc. dear UKPDF users. Pure unadulerated genius.

* Few people in this world have such a perfectly appropriate first name. I'm one of those people also, but you don't know what the name I was given is.

Anyway, enough of that. Give this marvelous album another listen, please and like a grape wine or ivy, it'll grow on you if it's found a mind that's made of fertile or sponge-like material.
You must be one of my Psych Brothers, Stuart! Your understanding of the 60's scene is spot on, mate.

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

96 kHz/24 bit FLAC files and HQ artwork available here:

Big thanks to ThePoodleBites for all of his great work! Don't miss his blog, there's a lot of great stuff on it! :smiley:

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

You made some good points there Stuart.

Re: Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966) [Original Aborted Stereo Mix]

Thanks Steve and Flaxton for those kind words,I wrote that a while ago,but my sentiments are the same, I've been posted missing from here for another long spell,things happen,life carries on and interest can fluctuate,but it's good to see its the same folk keeping this forum going,at times I feel my brain has been taken over by something else but eventually I do return to the places in know,going back to zappa,I've grown to like his early albums more and more and I'm much more of a fan now than I ever have,those late 60s albums are full of biting commentary and intelligent satire and of course some fab freaky sounds,which I'm sure zappa would hate it to be described as such.gotta be honest I've shown no interest in zappas 70s stuff,not got a clue what it's like but he was a bit of a perfectionist in the studio,and was quite a hard taskmaster,but his 60s material is ahead of the game and glad all have been reissued on cd.