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Wallace ?

Has anyone seen Wallace about hope our olde chum is ok I also noticed Steve hasnt posted in a while so hope he is well

Re: Wallace ?

I don't like the tone of yer voice, Jimmeh.

Wot you mean by "ok"?
The insinuousayshun seems to be, "have you finally gone off yer crock, Wallace me owd china?"
Apparently yer labouring under the misapprehenshun that Wallace is sumhow gowan all downhill.

Ah'rm still ridin' me bike and list to music (just list ter Action - same and Atlas - Against All the Odds), so, fank yew Sunshine, as yew kin sees, ah'rm still onneur ball.

Re: Wallace ?

What kind of bike Wallace? I'm a biker too... ;)

Re: Wallace ?

Now where is Steve? I've never seen Steve n Wallace in the same room

Re: Wallace ?

Gian: when you ask "wot kind of bike?" this can only mean to me that you are a trender and not a

To answer your question: I have no idea of the bike brand.
I have three 10 speed bicycles and all are BEATERS - I never chain-up my bikes (no matter where I go) because no one wants a beat-up old bike. Worse yet, all 3 bikes have baskets on them (since my bikes SERVE A PURPOSE )

Wallace does not ride for weekend group-rides where everyone is flossing their fashionable $2000 titanium bicycle with seat of Spanish leather wots bin personally blessed by the frikken Pope.
And, no, I don't prance about in ergonomic helmet and pricey ,logo-ized spandex.

I know that in Europe there is not that social-aversion to bikes as there is here (in the wealthier cities of Leutonia.)
One of the GOOD things about the covid experience is that this facade is being pulled down: more people are riding bikes.
Here in my city , for past decades, its been somehow funnelled into alien-life form TEENAGER brains that riding a bike in public is not cool.

Well, covik has NOT changed this. (On the rare occasion that you see a teen riding a bike here, it is likely a poor person or a black.)

But OLD folk are beginning to take in the fresh air ON BIKES. Much to my surprize just yesterday I was delighted to see three old codgers like myself on bike at the park. Maybe , after covid, this will stick.

My city is well-supplied with bike paths - not just sections of road reserved for bike travel, but actual SEPARATE bike paths. Trouble is that pedestrians use them but very few bikers do.


I have a feeling that rather quite a few Brit popsike songs mention pedal-bikes. Howabout it, Jimmehs?

Kippington Lodge - girl on a bike

Orange Bicycle - Trip On An Orange Bicycle

Dukes of Stratosphere - bike ride to the moon

Donovan - revolution "Get on your bike and do wot you loike."

Re: Wallace ?

pink floyd- bike, tommorrow- my white bicycle

Re: Wallace ?

Well I meant motor-bike actually :) even got to see the last subject (many of them indeed) at a 6 days enduro race here in Italy. Without the "fart amplifiern" unfortunately (or not!):grinning:

Re: Wallace ?

Re: Wallace ?

Thought you would be more of a penny farthing man Wallace