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The Noel Gilpin Emporium

Its a shame this band didn't make any more than one track superb neo psyche

The Noel Gilpin Emporium - Will You Miss Me When I'm Dead

Re: The Noel Gilpin Emporium - sugar lumps hoax?

But wait. According to psych webzine Sweet Floral Albion, Granchester Meadows was a hoax conceived by another fanzine as part of an “A to Z of Psych” feature. So “Candlelight” is a fake, complete with vinyl hiss. Hmm, thought that shuffle rhythm sounded a little too 1990s. And when did Barrett develop a fascination for harmonious, Beach Boys choruses? As the folks at Albion put it, “Records this obvious simply cannot be old”.
They’ve even gone so far as to identify a second forgery on Sugar Lumps, by something called the Noel Gilpin Emporium.
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