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Vanilla Fudge

Been listening to Vanilla fudges self titled album lately and tried to find it with bonuses but no joy does anyone know if it ever was released with bonuses?TIA

Re: Vanilla Fudge

Hiya Phil. What a great album! Loved it since it's initial release in 1967.
You got me thinking about it again and am relistening it now.

I had a search on the web and even the 50th anniversary release [on white vinyl, ATCO label 2017 release - ] has no bonus tracks.
I'd have thought there possibly would have been some outtakes from the recording session but if so, they are either lost [studio engineers often reused mastertapes, recording over previous stuff, as the big reels of 3/4" wide tape were expensive] or whoever has them is keeping very quiet!

However, after an extended search I did find this -

Without physically having the box set [it's no longer advertised on the rhino web site] I can't tell if there are any o/ts from the 1st album on it, but the 4 album box set is shared on soulseek, so I'll get it sooner or later to listen to.

PS. Here's a good biog of the band -

Re: Vanilla Fudge

thanks Steve just checked box of fudge looks to be only live tracks in the later boxes