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The Doors ?

Ive just been reading a thread elsewhere which put The Doors first album as one on the top psychedelic albums behind PF and The Beatles..
Now myself I consider Doors to be more avant garde than psychedelic..any others have views?

Re: The Doors ?

Really hard [and rather pointless?] to try to squeeze a band like The Doors into a box or attach just one label to them...

Like so many bands and performers, they covered a whole range of styles, from pop to progressive to rock to blues and more besides. Listen to all their output and hear all the genres they crossed!

The 1st album is great. I remember buying it when it first came out and to this day I still find it very special. I suppose to generalise about that album, if someone put a gun to my head or offered me £100 to give it a label, I guess it would be progressive pop. Maybe.

Oh, how I hate labels! [unless they are in the middle of a record] Anyone else got a similar labelphobia?

Re: The Doors ?

Always felt that U.S. bands never really got a hold of psych the way other countries, particularly the U.K. did.

You often hear or read about West Coast bands being psych, but to my ears they don't sound what I think of as psych at all.

How often do you read a description of a U.S. band on you tube as being psych. Just because they're late 60s/early 70s, doesn't make them psych.