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F.J. McMahon 1969 - Spirit Of The Golden Juice

A magnificent one-off album by a vietnam war veteran.
I'm a bit saddened to think of this guy going through the Vietnam war and coming out of it praising a brand of whisky, even if that meant the marihuana didn't help him and he probably avoided a serious addiction to heroin. Alcohol kills more people than heroin.
Thanks to Matt C for pointing me in the right direction.
The songs on his album were, I believe, also played with the band Quilt and recorded live and Quilt also recorded all the songs by themselves in 2017. I've yet to find them freely shared, so if you have, please tell me and share with me!
Shades of Lou Reed [Velvets era] and D. R. Hooker here. Lovely stuff!
May those with ears hear.