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Quilt - s/t album 2012
It's very rare for me to post anything here about any band's work after the 70's, so this is one of those exceptions!
This lovely band respectfully rerecorded the songs from the F J McMahon masterpiece The Spirit of the Golden Juice [from 1969] last year.
This self titled album from 2012 is a real jem. [their debut album was another different s/t album released in 2009].
A reviewer on wrote about this album brilliantly -
"I’ve gotten rather tired of asking myself why reviewers need to connect some artificial dots and timeline, suggesting that new psych bands are nothing more than indy infused versions of psychedelia that was heard years ago, when they could just as easily sit back and spend a splendid evening of hypnotic romance presented in a fresh and intoxicating manner that’s evolved, more accomplished, and so futuristic that it does sound retro.

Having said this, The Jefferson Airplane certainly embarked on a surrealistic adventure back in the mid 60’s, laying some quality groundwork that’s impossible to deny or push aside, leaving Quilt to charter new territory by stitching together a sound that comes across as homemade, newly discovered, rich, filled with harmonies, a collective sensibility, and an intimacy that’s lacking in so much of today's music. No, this is not “White Rabbit,” or “California Dreamin’” ... no, these songs are not meant as full volume counterculture anthems to shout down the establishment ... these songs are subversive, whispers filtering up through the floorboards to quietly remind you that your independence is still at risk, that the expansion of the consciousness is still a noble virtue, and that a delicate hand will certainly lead you home, with the understanding that all things are possible.

Quilt weave their songs with purpose, delighting in the fact that a track such as “Cowboys In The Void” will spin your head around, as if you’d just gotten an unexpected kiss in a manner that curled your toes. These are gifted songs, every bit as gifted and unexpected as The Grateful Dead’s “Box Of Rain,” and certainly worthy of long exhales spaced out in the ether."
- streetmouse July 8, 2014
As always, if you are unable to find this album, it's just a shout away if you'd like it for educational or evaluation purposes, excluding using it for monetary gain or self promotion and on the understanding you will freely share it with the same terms and conditions attached.
Peace & Love,