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what is true love

What Is True Love ?True Love is the best feeling of this world after the love of mom and dad there is a person to whom we start loving and can do anything for Him/Her. Feelings which i have for him/her is true love? Bunch of questions are there related to true love even when i was in love number of things was in my mind.

Re: what is true love

Musically it has an infectious, gallumphing-like rhythm, bounding out the speakers like a herd of woodland animals. Big ones. The crunching wall of sound-effect is like something label-mates The Move always seemed to be striving for. It's heavy and jig-like at the same time. But it's also got a bit of that swinging Donovan/John Cameron folk-jazz-style in there too with the bubbling-brook sound of the bass. The descending mellotron line knocks the spots off The Moody Blues use of the instrument and the matter of fact vocals make the bizarre lyrics all the more strange. One wonders if there are any other songs that devote quite as much serious attention to a bunch of gossiping vertebrates?