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John Renbourn & Jacqui McShee [Pentangle] - Italy 2006 [video]

John Renbourn & Jacqui McShee - Live at the Aspro Blues nights - Cittanova (Calabria - Italy) - April 18, 2006 {feat. Peter Lang on "Turn your Money Green"}

"A True Celebration Of Great And Heartfelt Music. Acoustic Guitarist John Renbourn And Jacqui Mcshee Are Two Pivotal Figures In The History Of British Folk Music. Founding Members Of The British Folk-Rock Group Pentangle In The 1960's, Guitarist John Renbourn And Vocalist Jacqui Mcshee Have Been Musical Collaborators And Innovators For Four Decades...

...Renbourn's Guitar Style Is A Unique Product Of Years Of Curiosity And Investigation. Exploring The Guitar In Unusual And Beautiful Ways, John Takes His Listeners Through A Luxuriant Musical Landscape Of Masterful Playing, Warm Vocals And Witty Asides. The Consummate Fingerstylist Plays A Unique Folk-Baroque Fusion Of British And Celtic Folk Music With Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Classical, Middle Eastern, And Pre-Renaissance Music. London-Born Mcshee Combines An Enchanting Soprano Voice With An Experimenter's Outlook. Together, John Renbourn And Jacqui Mcshee They Are A Magical Treat"
~{Adapted from}Amazon

John Renbourn and Sandy Denny performed in the same pub in mid-60s (Barge?) while they both went to Kingston Arts School!