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rz comps dead links

please can someone fix dead links on the regal zonophone comps list if possible.thanks

Re: rz comps dead links

Hi John

No worries I'll sort any problems.
Was it a particular download site that was causing problems e.g. mediafire.
If not let me know which you found unresponsive and I'll sort these first.


Re: rz comps dead links

Looks like it is mostly the files that were uploaded to Imagenetz. I checked the account and for some inexpicable reason they've all been deleted. I'll make new links for these. I've spent a while checking all the links but if anyone finds any I've missed please let me know. All should be sorted in a day or two.


Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich : The RZ Special
Don't Despair Evil Lighthouse Jim
Fanciful Imaginings Of Evil Lighthouse Jim
Feel The Presence Of Evil Lighthouse Jim
Inner Turmoil Of Evil Lighthouse Jim
Kaleidoscopic Britain Vols 1 - 4
LSD Connection Vol 6
Pop-In Vol 1
Pop-In Vol 2
Pop-In Vol 3
Psychodelicias Vols 1 - 5
The Mesmerising Power Of Evil Lighthouse Jim
U Spaces 10th Anniversary Compilation - The Psychedelic Autopsy
U-Spaces Retrospection Part One
Unravel The Mysteries Of Evil Lighthouse Jim
Ye-Ye Girls (60's French Pop)

Re: rz comps dead links

that would be great mark.thanks in advance

Re: rz comps dead links

OK ... I made it all better again.

Re: rz comps dead links

just like .to say thanks to mark for sharing these amazing comps on this site.they are fantastic 'thanks very much. just ordedered were an american band hard rock stuff from america on grapefruit coming tomorrow so that should be good dont you think cheers mark

Re: rz comps dead links

That's a power of work Mark. Thanks for the effort.