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Dutch goodies

Does anyone know if there has been a comp of the Dutch band Goldstar Brothers/Geebros/Gee Bros/Crying Wood?(yes they are all virtually the same band.
Apparently Crying Wood had an album in released in Canada of all places in '71. Does anyone know anything about it-Wallace perhaps?

Re: Dutch goodies

Hi Greg you can find more info on Crying Wood here :

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Thanks for the info L.S.D.

I don't think I'd realised how much psych came out of the land of clogs.
I know the Waterpipes and Dykes and have the excellent Fantasio Daze comp, but was wondering if there were any others I should look out for?

Also does anyone know if the all the fantastic four sides recorded by Dragonfly have been comped? It would be nice to have them together but I suppose they're spread out.

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

All 4 tracks were released on an EP called 'celestial songs' about 10 years ago.

Celestial Songs

Otherwise I think only the A sides of each 45 have been compiled.

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Thanks Aus. I found one on GEMM but $119.00 is too much for me.

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Hang around and wait - you should get one for around a tenner. You can pick up the first orig for less than $119!

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Do you mean there's a reissue on the way?

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Talking of Dutch stuff,can i mention the pop group The Tee-Set,it seems theres a double cd with a book been issued by Pseudonym Records,i just wanted to know if its worthwhile getting,i have an old cd from years back of them and i liked it(not any psych from what i remember),so im thinking of getting this,but would like to know more before i spend a tenner(good price for a dbl cd with book i thought)Any feedback would be much appreciated!!THank you!!

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Another Dutch band I was wondering about was Ro-d-ys. They had one album and they have a compilation out. Worth getting?

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

The Ro-d-ys had two excellent albums - Just Fancy and Earnest Vocation - along with several great non-LP sides. Definitely worth investigating. To my ears, the most underrated/overlooked of all '60s Dutch bands. I believe Hunter Music issued a 2 CD set that compiled both albums and all the non-LP tracks; I would recommend this unreservedly.

I just received in the mail this week "Ro-d-ys: Anytime - een Groninger beatlegende," a 250 page hardcover book that houses three CDs and DVD. The CDs include everything: both albums, all non-LP tracks plus rare demos and live tracks. There's also a fair amount of post-Ro-d-ys material ranging from the band Zen, which Harry Rijnbergen joined after the Ro-d-ys broke up, to '70s and '80s material. Released in 2008 in conjunction with Universal Music, this has got to be the ultimate Ro-d-ys package. I believe this was done in limited quantities; took a bit of searching before I finally scored mine!

Re: Dutch goodies/Dutch Psych

Yeh Greg,The Ro-d-ys are excellent,i do have the 2 cd Hunter Music had out yonks ago and to my ears most of it is excellent,as Scott said features the 2 original albums and a horde of a sides and b sides,in fact their complete released material.I bought this in Amsterdam when i visited there about 10 years ago,not saw it available at a decent price for years.Contact me off-list Greg and we'll have a wee yap about it!!

Scott as for the package you bought,that sounds cool but i must say i dont think i would be interested in the 80s and 90s stuff,but as for the demos etc i would love to have that in my collection...enjoy it mate!!!As for Zen,they made a pretty good album "Hair"an album in the pop/psych mode,the cd i have was issued in 2003,it contains the full 12 track album and 10 bonus tracks all from the years 67-70,good stuff,and a little known gem in Dutch music!!This used to be available on Amazon for under a fiver,worth looking out for!!