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The Brandy Bunch

Looking for info on a album called "The Brandy Bunch"

The album has John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Peter Wolf, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Diane Keaton + Dennis Dunaway. it is 2 CD's Drunk Tank 1 and Drunk Tank 2. On the back of the CD it says "this recording was produced by Jimmy Iovine in may of 1974. Shows also Capitol Records logo and has a pictire of Nilsson and Lennon.

My searches keep bringing up The Brady Bunch!

Any ideas or info would be great

Re: The Brandy Bunch

Not sure, Phil but this may have something to do with it - like, from the same sessions?

Worth a visit at least for this last known [1974] pic of John and Paul together:

This web page also mentions 'drunk tank'!

Re: The Brandy Bunch

Thanks Steve the Bootleg zone wont let me in so I can't read the info there

Re: The Brandy Bunch

not too expensive it seems (if you can find it)

Re: The Brandy Bunch

Great search work, Doctor Gaz. The bootleg zone post says stuff like:
RE: Harry Nilsson and John Lennon - Pussycats

Has there ever been a " deluxe " version made of " Pussycats " with all available outtakes and alt. session ?

Would be awesome to hear the outtakes for sure. I've not heard of anything like that though. How often are there outtakes available of sessions like that?

only outtakes are in the " pussycats " official release in the Nilsson box set and anything from the lost lennon tapes

Yes, are there any outtakes from the Los Angeles drunk tank? ..... seriously a Phil-Lip extended version would be a joy to behold!

It seems these recordings were from the time when John was in his most obnoxious and violent stage - fuelled by alcohol and cocaine, when Yoko walked out on him and gave him to May Pang.

"Things didn't end well on the evening drinking buddy Harry Nilsson introduced John Lennon to the brandy Alexander cocktail. They would ultimately be escorted out of Los Angeles' iconic Troubadour nightclub on March 12, 1974, ejected for relentlessly heckling the Smothers Brothers – and, according to a member of the staff, assaulting a waitress."

When John Lennon and Harry Nilsson Got Tossed From the Troubadour:

There's been speculation that Yoko, a failing 'conceptual artist', was a heroin addict and dealer who knew exactly who John was and targetted him for his wealth and fame.