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Ferkin' ignurunt. (Yank related)

I suppose lotta yew Zonophoners watch the (old) UK series, "Heartbeat".
Why? Because they integrate 60's pop music with the (usually wank) themes. (For instance, for a chase scene they would use "Cat's Squirrel" from the first Cream lp. This rather fits, roight?). The most-used songs seem to be "Whiter Shade of Pale" and that Thunderclap Newman hit track - but this is neither here or there.

You ask, "But Wallace, wot's this got to do with stoopit 'Merican cinny, crissake."

Well I just watched this recent hit piece of stink-turd hight "Joker". (Aye, the seeming interminable US Batman guff.)
Right after the climax of the film (where tv host Robert De Nero gets the bullet to the head) the soundtrack goes into CREAM "WHITE ROOM".

Now I ask you, wot did they feckin' think the connection was?
The film is all about madness, so I suppose they are thinking padded cell???

Dumb yokels.

There is a youtube where Peter Brown explains the lyrics to White Room.
Elsewhere I can quote, " "It was a miracle it worked, considering it was me writing a monologue about a new flat."

Or you can read it as a tryst in an unfurnished railways room where guy meets girl and later girl walks out on him.

Aye. Krist-awl ter do with yer dopey Joker film.

This Joker movie lay loike a ferkin' Martian chasm between "White Room" and any interconnection.

Re: Ferkin' ignurunt. (Yank related)

Be careful Wallace the Joker movie may well send you to the padded room

Re: Ferkin' ignurunt. (Yank related)

I'm not so sure they even look at the lyrics for this sort of thing. Perhaps they go for the mood. There's plenty of times What A Wonderful World pops up in a movie inappropriately.

I read that All Along The Watchtower was used In Battlestar Gactica!?

I'm not sure either how appropriate it is that A Whiter Shade Of Pale is one of the most commonly played songs at funerals.

Re: Ferkin' ignurunt. (Yank related)

Whiter Shade is loike White Room in that its not immediately clear what's going on there.


Just think it this way: yer a yank director (of dungus action movies) working on a tension-movie about submariners stranded on the bottom of the ocean. You really admire the song, "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" and you'd really loike to get the message out that you gots this great musical taste, loikes. So, at the movie's peak - say the water is getting in - soundtrack goes, "Eee Iii Eee Iii Ohhhhhh!"

That is wot we gets with this ferkin' Joker gruyere.