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Free lps ad I saw on another forum

"Free Lps. All junk. approx 500. must take all. must take asp."

"There was a box with good records in the pile. I need them back. I'm sure by
now you know what I'm talking about. I keep calling your phone number but
you are not answering it. you should of not giving me your phone # for
future pick up. I have your vehicle plate # & if you don't reply by 9:00 am
tomorrow I will have to go to the police and file a thift compaint against
you. I want those lps back. troyka, catfish, stooges, toe fat, the pulse,
lincoln street exit, tongue, tucky buzzard, velvet turner group, clark
hutchinson. mariani, frantic, argus. the litter, silver metre, dschinn,
family, zior, bulbous creation, flower travelin band, methuselah, oden, ursa
major, pinnacle, the hook, load sutch, hackensack, plus there's more titles
in there. I have a full list on what I had in there. You need to call me as
I'm going crazy worrying here......"

Re: Free lps ad I saw on another forum


Re: Free lps ad I saw on another forum

I think that was a message from the Home For The Befuddled

Re: Free lps ad I saw on another forum

I don't fink so, One Shed.

(Not many know the correct spelling of Flower Travelin' Band, yet this bloke did.)

Wallesch believes it was a hoax.