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Dutch army, Johan Herman Fuhler, somewhere between 1945 and 1950

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Leather WWII Rifle Scabbard

Hello Norton enthusiasts.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can get a leather gun scabbard for the Norton 16H. I've been searching with no luck and we are looking for one for our Museum Norton 16H.

Anyone have any ideas?



Re: Leather WWII Rifle Scabbard

Hi Roger, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a rifle scabbard on a 16H. Can you post a picture if you've got one please?
I've collected militaria and the easiest place is ebay, unless you want to walk around the shows. Or do a search on Google and see if a place selling one comes up. I've done that with a few items I really wanted and found them in 1/2 an hour.

Good luck with your search

Re: Leather WWII Rifle Scabbard

Thanks Horror,

The owner wants to find a gun scabbard for display. I found an American made scabbard but he wants a British made scabbard. They're not an easy item to find.


Re: Leather WWII Rifle Scabbard

Hello Roger,

I have quite a lot of period Norton pictures, but have never seen a leather gun scabbard on any of them.
I think it is an American thing to do as they are plentyfull on Harleys.
I do also not recollect seeing a BSA, RE, Arial or Matchless or any other British bike having such accessory.
I am also not convinced that the British army ever used leather scabbards. All covers I recollect were webbing or canvas, and even then, not on motorcycles.
I am however not a gun expert at all so I may well be wrong on this latter recollection.

I my opinion, putting a 16H with a scabbard on it on display gives a totally wrong impression of the real history of the type of bike and its use in the British (or allied for that) use.
I strongly believe that any scabbard on a 16H is totally out of context. American influence?



Re: Leather WWII Rifle Scabbard


Thanks for your comments on the use of a gun scabbard on the museum 16H. You've convinced us all that it would be inappropriate to use a gun scabbard on the bike.