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earth and fire

i played the debut album by this great dutch band last night. anyone else rate them.

Re: earth and fire

Aye good stuff Flax, first three albums.

Re: earth and fire

I rate their 1st album highly, very good Dutch band. I love the wonderful, intricate gatefold sleeve of the UK issue on Nepentha (damn rare nowadays!), much better than the Dutch 'matchbox' sleeve.

I don'ìt know their leter records (from the 4th on), although it is common opinion that they are much much inferior in quality. Confirmed?

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Re: earth and fire

Yeh i've only got the first album on cd,but fortunately theres a few extra tracks on it which are very good,but the album as a whole is indeed very good,i think this cd was released by Rotation who also reissued Group 1850 debut again with a few extra tracks.I see that Esoteric Records reissued the debut Earth and Fire but from what i saw,with only a couple of extras.