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Creepy John Thomas

Been listening to the 2 albums recorded by this UK hairy bunched freak band(butJohn Thomas himself is Australian seemingly),the albums creepy John Thomas(69) and Brother Bat Bone(1970).The self titled debut imo is a top class freak underground album,some freaky fabulous wah wah guitar going on here,they even do a cover of Honeybus' "Do i Figure in your life"which is a good cover,other tracks worthy of amention are"Youve got to Hide"the fabulously titled"Trippin like a dog and rockin like a bitch"which would not be out of place on Captain Beefhearts "Safe as milk" album,the traffic like(to my ears anyway)"Ride a Rainbow",the track "Green Eyed Lady"is top notch psych rock,NOT pop/psych not Sike but heavy psych rock,cracking track!!!!!the rather catchy and sunny "Sun and Woman",probably the most commercial track on the album,splenid little number!!My fave track on this album is the acidrock of "Moon and Eyes Song",plenty of crazed guitar!!As for the second album"Brother Bat Bone"not too bad but not as good as that debut imo,but still some fab freak rock but with a more blues slant in places.Well worthy of a wee mention!!Anyone else heard those albums?What ya think?More info on this crowd would be great!!

Re: Creepy John Thomas

Hi Stuart,
unfortunately I don't have the second LP (which was apparently issued only in Germany at the time), but I have the 1st one from this hirsute guy and I like it much.
Outstanding, crazy, freaky hard psychedelia of the highest level. Great!

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