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Bruce Cockburn 1971 High Winds White Sky [Canada] rerelease.

Images and references to rivers, birds, mountains and, especially, sunlight abound on 1971’s High Winds White Sky—as they do on Cockburn’s previous self-titled debut album and the subsequent Sunwheel Dance. The three albums formed a powerful acoustic trilogy that established Cockburn as one of Canada’s most important performers of introspective, literate songs.

Produced by Eugene Martynec, the album boasts an admirable sonic clarity. On songs like the chiming “You Point to the Sky,” the warmth of Cockburn’s voice and the ring of his bell-like guitar picking are palpable.

The album also contains one of Cockburn’s best known compositions. “One Day I Walk,” with its universal theme of homecoming, has been covered to date by the likes of Anne Murray, Tom Rush, The Skydiggers and The Rankin Family. “Today I walk in hours,” goes the song’s hymn-like chorus, “one day I shall be home.”

Musically, Cockburn had been deeply influenced by the country-blues fingerpicking styles of Mance Lipscomb, Big Bill Broonzy and Mississippi John Hurt. And the blues are all over the remastered version of the album, beginning with the opening “Happy Good Morning Blues.”

Originally released 1971, reissued 2003 by Rounder Records.

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Re: Bruce Cockburn 1971 High Winds White Sky [Canada] rerelease.

Wallace has the first two Cockburns in the "shit" pile in the garage.

I never seen the allure.

Peeps on Waxidermy (US forum) rate these two highly also.
Maybe because they hear it somehow as being quintessentially Canadian??

The second lp is very sparse.

Guess I will give it (yet another) try.

Re: Bruce Cockburn 1971 High Winds White Sky [Canada] rerelease.

I just love all his albums til the end of the 70s

Re: Bruce Cockburn 1971 High Winds White Sky [Canada] rerelease.

great to see you on good form Mr Wallace whats been your favourite ear candy of late?
Ruphus-New Born Day a really nice album..
Filet Of Soul-Freedom[1969] a great album
also The Outta Sites and MFC Chicken have some nice ear candy
I would guess Raphael Wressnig the austrian organ player is to your taste for mod fans he is well worth looking out

Re: Bruce Cockburn 1971 High Winds White Sky [Canada] rerelease.

EARCANDY - Sound is Just the Way You Ear It