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Gary Higgins - before and after 'Red Hash' (1973 LP)

The oh so beautiful song 'When I Was Young' from the album 'Seconds':

This guy is so good he can bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.
As you are probably judging him as to who he sounds like, I'll not make comparisons but I think he'd have been great in the Traveling Wilburys!

As it is, he's tremendous on his own [mostly] on the 25 minute EP 'A Dream A While Back' [released in 2011] which are songs from 1970 - 71 and, incredibly, magical still on the album of new songs 'Seconds' released in 2009, accompanied by many of the musicians who played on 'Red Hash', his legendary record from 1973.

If anyone can't find or can't afford to buy these 3 great records [all available on CD] and needs them for criticism, comment, educational and/or research purposes [not to be used for copying and selling], I'll gladly supply them in HQ mp3 format with artwork where possible. Leave a request and email address here.

Re: Gary Higgins - before and after 'Red Hash' (1973 LP)

Love to hear them