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Rick Wakeman news

yEPPERS, old grumpy's release is due out in a month's time.
A concept on the Red Planet and Wakiepoos is telling us it will be him going back to the old analogue glory days of the top lps," wives of henry VIII " and Criminal Record"! After yahres - no decades - of doing solo piano lps and nigh-newage schlock, Wakey is promising to bring out the dusty old Moog model D from the attic. (Whatever happened to his Biotron???).
Surprizingly enough, he was never overly-fond of the Hammond, but I'm sure this will be doing the studio rounds as well.

So then ,Jimmehs, important news here!

Orlroight, yer finkin', "Wallace, you daft grass parakeet, they ALL say the up-coming release is their best ever. And wot you posting Wakeman news on a PSYCH forum?"

Weel, to the first I says, "Fook roight orf!"
To the latter: "If it pleases yews and yews are minded to allow me to continue....fook roight orf, ye dingly-dells! It may be a difficult needle fer yew popsike puppts ter thread...but Wakie IS psych. Arfterawl did he not do a cover of "Paint It Black"? On the strength o' that alane, Wallace wuld says owd Wakiepoos passes muster fer psych.

Aye. get daahn on that, Jimmehs.
Git daahn on Prog!

In Prog We Trust.